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      B&B Batteries | B&B Battery (USA), Inc.

      B&B Battery Products come in a wide range of models to provide peak battery performance in general, mobility, telecommunications, high rate, recessed terminal, long life and high cycle uses. B&B Battery produces highly specialized batteries utilizing the most recent high-tech equipment and manufacturing methods from the United States and Japan.

      B&B Battery Picture

      For telecommunication uses, we carry the FTB (Front Terminal Battery) series that includes the 12-Volt FTB110-12 Model (12V 110Ah). The FTB110-12 features a thermally welded case cover bond to ensure a leak proof case. Front accessible for ease of assembly and one-way self-resealing safety valve for long life guarantee.

      For high-rate, long-life standby battery use, browse our collection of B&B Batteries new MPL series including the 12-Volt MPL55-12 This valve regulated lead-acid rechargeable battery is designed with multi-plate technology for unparalleled high energy density. The unique alloy composition imposes the battery with more than 300 cycles at 100% discharge depth and 6 - 8 years of float life.

      BC Series Batteries
      BP Series Batteries
      EB Series Batteries
      EP Series Batteries
      FAT Series Batteries
      HR Series Batteries
      MPL Series Batteries
      RT Series Batteries

      PHONE: 352-326-2039
      TOLL FREE: 877-746-2288
      EMAIL: sales@batteryweb.com

      Battery Sales USA, Inc
      12275 NE 13 Avenue
      North Miami, Florida 33161

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      B&B Batteries | B&B Battery (USA), Inc.

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