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      Gel Battery | Gel Batteries

      B.B. AGM Battery
      B.B. AGM & Gel Batteries

      DEKA AGM Batteries
      DEKA AGM & Gel Batteries

      EaglePicher AGM Batteries
      EaglePicher AGM & Gel Batteries

      Westco AGM Batteries
      Westco AGM & Gel Batteries

      Sonnenschein Sonnenschein Gel Batteries

      Universal AGM Batteries
      Universal AGM & Gel Batteries

      A gel battery is also known as a "gel cell" and gets its name from the gellified electrolyte employed to reduce electrolyte evaporation and spillage which often leads to corrosion problems. Gel batteries are known for better resistance to extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration and do not even need to be kept upright. Chemically they are the same as wet-cell batteries except that the antimony in the lead plates is replaced by calcium. In addition, gel battery technology is very similar to AGM batteries but uses this gelled electrolyte to recycle the gassing instead of the Absorbent Glass Material that AGM batteries utilize.

      Gel Battery The gel battery is also considered a VRLA battery, or Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery, and is designated a low-maintenance lead-acid rechargeable battery. The gel battery is also referred to as a sealed lead-acid battery, but will always include a safety pressure relief valve. Because the gel battery uses much less electrolyte or battery acid than traditional batteries, they are also considered an "acid starved" design.

      At Battery Web, we feature a wide selection of gelatin absorbent glass material batteries to power a number of products including motorcycles, marine craft and many other battery powered equipment. We carry a terrific inventory of brand name gel battery manufacturers including East Penn Manufacturing, MK Westco, Universal Power Manufacturing and Eagle Picher for all your gel battery needs. We offer sealed lead acid batteries; valve regulated batteries, gas recombination batteries and starved electrolyte batteries in gelatin absorbent glass matt construction to power a wide selection of devices and equipment.

      Gel Battery East Penn manufactures a terrific series of gel cell batteries including the DEKA, Dominator and Solar models for high quality sealed lead acid battery power. East Penn gel cell batteries can be used for telecommunications UPS, automotive LTV, marine watercraft, recreational vehicles, small engines and farm equipment.

      The Universal Power Group offer sealed lead acid gel cell batteries for a wide variety of battery power including camcorders, cell phones, cordless phones, motorcycles and marine products. Utilizing the latest absorbent glass matt technology Universal Power lead acid batteries are made to survive extreme adventures, temperatures and heavy use.

      Eagle Picher is one of the industry leaders in gel battery technology and with their CF, CFR and HE series produce an amazing range of sealed lead acid gel batteries in 2, 4, 6, and 12 volt capacities for all your battery needs.

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